Bajra Vadi(Pearl Millet Bites) ( 100 g )

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Feel hungry but want something healthy, then the Bajra Vadi is a must-try. This spicy, savoury snack can be your pick-me-up whether you have guests at home, feel like having a snack bingeing on the latest Amazon series or need a bite before lunch. Pop this bite-sized Vadi and feel your tastebuds tickle. Made in smaller batches using traditional recipes this flavourful combo of bajra, wheat, chilli, and spices is fresh. Don’t wait, stock your munchie now.

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Ingredient Type Bajra Flour, wheat flour,red chilly powder,asafoetida,oil,salt, other spices and mothers love
Brand Aarti’s Kitchen
Shelf Life Best before 2 months from date of manufacturing



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Weight 300 g


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