Kachori Shots ( 300 g )

( Pack off 2 ) 

The delicious taste of tangy spices and a hint of sweetness makes the Kachori a favourite snack but carrying it when you travel can be messy. We have a solution for you – the Kachori Shots. With the kachori shots, you get all the taste in a single bite-sized morsel with no messes. It’s a win-win. Made in small batches each shot pack is fresh and offers the perfect mouthful you want in a snack. So, add it to your cart today and take it with you on-the-go.

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Ingredient Type wheat flour,gram flour,oil,sugar,salt,tamarind powder,red chilli powder,fennel,coriander powder,sesame seed,cumin seed,ginger,nutmeg,mace,cinamon powder,caradmonand asafoetida and mothers love
Brand Aarti’s Kitchen
Shelf Life Best before 2 months from date of manufacturing



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Weight 300 g


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