Dear Sibling,
A Sibling is for telling secrets and making promises that will never be broken! As a kid, the pinky promise we gave to each other each time was small but the emotions it held and the trust it built between the two of us was huge! From pinky promise to keeping each other’s biggest secrets, we have come a long way!
Sibling is a close companion on a lonely day & someone to share at every phase! I want you to know that while going through an old box full of our childhood things, I decided to gift you this box full of items that will bring back our memories. It has all things you would need to remember my secrets and increase your memory storage capacity for the years to come!

Rain or shine, I will always be here, PINKY PROMISE! Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Yours loving,

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Curation/Box details This box contains:- 1.Chocolate Granola in tube can. 2.Draggies in a tube can. 3.Coin Crisps in a tube can. 4.Memory Mix in a tube can. 5.Gulkand Chikki Shots in Pet jar. 6.Pizza Sticks in a Pouch. 7.French Fries in a pouch. 8.Pure Chocolate Bars-2pcs. 9. PeriPeri wheat sticks in a pouch. 10. Thepla Bites. 11. 2rakhi and a special letter
Brand Aarti’s Kitchen
Shelf Life Best before 1 months from date of manufacturing