Are you worried about sticky fingers and snack crumbs? Do you often wish the snack were smaller and you could enjoy it in a bite? Do you love to indulge in a delicious snack but are worried about staining your favorite shirt? What if we tell you your worries of a mess are over? Our bite-sized Shots are just what you need to tingle your tastebuds! We know carrying a large pack of snacks is difficult. So, we made it easy to take your snacks, eat it in one go and munch whenever you feel hungry. Keep these small on-the-go packs whether you are off to work, traveling somewhere, or want to taste a variety; we have several you would love to indulge. No more snack crumbs when eating your favorite snack. Order a Shot pack or several for the whole month. We at Aarti’s Kitchen have you covered. Come, indulge in the goodness of fun-sized bites.